Who we are

Zedcore is an export company, based in Cape Town, South Africa. We offer a range of procurement and logistical solutions to provide our clients in isolated communities with Global and South African branded products of all types.

Primarily we act as a South African AGENT for our clients from Island communities in the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

Our clients tell us what they need; we source from best value vendors and provide them with quotes. When an order is confirmed, we purchase the goods, take delivery, label, safely store and undertake all other necessary logistical activities in order to comply with the requirements of Customs in SA and at destination. Also, complying with the rules of the shipping line, all in order to get the goods to the client at the earliest opportunity and in good condition.

Zedcore is a family business that has been serving Island communities for more than twenty-five years, offering a range of services. We are a small team of young people who are supported and guided by the founding partner, Bob Hindle.

The sales and operations team is led by Dave Hindle.

What Makes us Different

We have been in business for more than twenty years, serving the same clients and destination communities.

Its a business built upon high ethical values and transparency, in this way earning the Trust of our key Clients and supply-chain managers in South Africa.

South African Collection Service

We collect goods from manufacturers or suppliers and bring them to our warehouses ahead of shipping dates.

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