Air Freight

Currently Suspended due to Covid-19


The Air Freight Service is only applicable to cargo destined for St Helena Island

It is a once per week service at present and goods are packed and taken to the airport each Wednesday.

To use this service use the contact us form to book space and ensure that the goods are ordered in time to be delivered to our warehouse ahead of or by Tuesday of the week in which it is to be freighted to St Helena.

Delivery to:


Unit B7 Maitland Park

733 Voortrekker Rd 



Cape Town

Tel: +27 21 531 7701


  1. The following are optional ways of engaging with our air-freight service:
  2.  Full clearing service (required in St Helena)
  3.  Self-clearing service

Consolidated Parcel service.

All orders to be finalised by Tuesday (close of business) each week,

Dispatched from our Cape Town depot each Wednesday afternoon.

Full Clearing Service

Zedcore Quotes in pounds, Procures, freights.

Rose and Crown, collects, processes, pays duty and make the parcel available in Jamestown. (all cost inclusive)

Payment is made in full to Rose and Crown.


Zedcore quotes in pounds, Procures, freights.

Client collects, processes and pays duty themselves

Payment is made in full to Zedcore prior to dispatch.

Consolidated Service (Shared Documentation charge)

Clients with small parcels are consolidated to the optimum weight of 13kg’s or more.

These parcels are not dispatched until 13kg’s is attained by the collective weight of a number of clients.

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