St Helena Island

Jamestown is the capital of St Helena and where the cargo is landed at present (hopefully soon to be shifted to Rupert’s Bay wharf)

Our Island Agent handles the cargo and notifies the individual consignees about when to collect their goods.

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Tristan da Chuna Islands – Edinburgh Settlement

Goods are shipped from Cape Town via Fishing Boats and because the schedule depends upon fishing activity the schedule is often not adhered to. Also because seas are often too high for the small boats to ferry the cargo ashore, the timing of actual delivery is not precisely known.

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Ascension Island

Cargo from Cape Town is shipped via the MV Helena which primarily serves St Helena Island but she is scheduled to go the extra distance with cargo to Georgetown, (the capital of Ascension) only two or three times per year.

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Mahe Island ‘Seychelles’

This is the main Island in the group of Islands known as the Seychelles

We send cargo in full container loads or as part load via commercial shipping lines leaving Cape Town at about two weekly intervals.

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Other Destinations

We often send cargoes to other destinations, including into Africa so if you have a need for cargo from South Africa simply contact us and we will respond with information and advice.