Our Services

We ensure that our Clients needs are met in the most cost effective and speedy ways whilst offering a series of specialised services.

Business to Business Services – South Africa Agents for all of your needs:

  • Buying Agency – Procurement & Delivery of essential supplies
  • Bulk, discount buying
  • Importing and Transhipping from other countries

Freight Forwarding – from Cape Town to businesses and individuals including:

  • Consolidated cargo container service
  • Ocean Freight and
  • Air Freight
  • Transhipping your purchases from other countries, via Cape Town

Specialists in Motor vehicles and Parts Procurement and delivery including:

  • Motor vehicles and construction equipment
  • Urgent spares and parts

‘Bag and Box Drop’ – Traveler Support Services via Cape Town – Receive, Store and Ship:

  • Travelers excess baggage
  • Travelers purchases
  • Personal effects
  • Online purchases

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